Svelte Libraries to Help You Build Amazing Web Interfaces

21 Jun 2024


If you've chosen Svelte for your full-time job or hobby project, you've likely noticed how effortlessly you can create lightweight, high-performing web interfaces with it. Svelte stands out with its compiler-based approach, reactivity model, and superior performance compared to traditional virtual DOM-based frameworks.

As more developers enjoy the advantages of Svelte, the ecosystem of libraries and development tools designed to enhance Svelte projects continues to expand. This article offers a curated list of Svelte libraries to streamline your workflow even further. Let's start exploring some Svelte libraries that provide ready-to-use functionality, saving you the hassle of building it from scratch.


PaneForge is an open-source library that makes it easy to create resizable panes in your Svelte apps. It features simple API, customizable appearance, accessibility support, and allows you to quickly add resizable panes that can save their layout between page loads via LocalStorage or cookies.

So, if you're building a complex web interface and want to give users the power to adjust the size of different sections according to their needs, PaneForge can be a way to go.

PaneForge - Resizable panes

SVAR Components

If you're building business-oriented web apps and need advanced UI widgets like an editable DataGrid, interactive Gantt chart, or File Manager, check out the SVAR components. While it's a paid option, these components can save you a lot of time by providing specific functionalities out-of-the-box. They also offer a free open-source Core library, a collection of Svelte UI controls and form components.

SVAR IU Components


SvelteUX offers a collection of over 200 Svelte components, actions, stores, and utilities to build highly interactive web interfaces. The components are built using Tailwind and are very customizable through the use of theming, variants, granular class overrides, and slots.

SvelteUX - DateField component

And if you need data visualization components, you may look at the companion library LayerChart, which includes a large collection of composable charts, including:

  • Cartesian (Bar, Area, Stack, Scatter)

  • Radial (Pie, Arc, Sunburst)

  • Hierarchy (Pack, Tree, Treemap, Sunburst)

  • Graph (Sankey)

  • and more

LayerChart - Area charts

Svelte Headless Table

Svelte Headless Table is an ultra-smart table utility that helps you create and design feature-rich, highly performant data grids that work seamlessly with Svelte. Its headless nature gives you full control over all the design details so you can customize it to your app theme. Key features include:

  • Full TypeScript support
  • SvelteKit integration
  • Multi-sorting
  • Column reordering
  • Row grouping and aggregation
  • Filtering by column values
  • Global Filtering
  • Pagination

Svelte Headless Table Demo

Paraglide SvelteKit

__Paraglide-SvelteKit__is a SvelteKit integration for ParaglideJS, a comprehensive i18n library that allows you to localize your app to different languages and markets. Provides everything you need for i18n routing, covering all technical aspects of interface localization.



Lucia is an auth library for your server that abstracts away the complexity of handling sessions. The main purpose of Lucia is to provide a simple and straightforward way to implement authentication features, such as user registration, login, and session management in web applications. There is a Lucia's SvelteKit integration tutorial that explains how to set up Lucia with your SvelteKit application and leverage its authentication capabilities.

Lucia initialization

Superforms and Formsnap

Superforms is an award-winning SvelteKit form library that offers a ready-to-use solution for server and client form validation. It auto-centers and focuses on invalid form fields, detects unsaved forms to prevent data loss, and supports snapshots for saving form states, and more. You may also check the Formsnap library from Svecosystem Team which wraps Superforms with components that make it simpler to use and make your forms accessible by default.

Superforms - Multiple forms on page


Marquee Library offers an elegant way to display scrolling text or content horizontally or vertically across a designated area in your Svelte-based interface. It can be a handy tool if you need to display user reviews, news headlines, company names, sponsor logos, or other real-time updates in a compact space. While the library is made specifically for Tailwind users, you can also use vanilla CSS classes to customize it.

Svelte Marquee Interface


And if you would like to add some celebration vibe to your web page, here are two Svelte components that allow you to show a vibrant confetti explosion:  @neoconfetti/svelte and Svelte Confetti Let's hope we all have something to celebrate this summer :)

Svelte Confetti


When developing Svelte apps, you can build everything from scratch, or you can use existing libraries to focus more on the unique aspects and core logic of your app rather than reinventing the wheel. Ready-to-use libraries can streamline development, improve productivity, and enhance the overall quality of your Svelte applications.

Hopefully, you'll find a library in this list that saves you a lot of time in your current or future Svelte projects. Happy coding!

Cover photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash