RockTree Capital Unveils Cyberpunk Crypto Future in a New Website

16 May 2024

Beijing, China – RockTree Capital, a leading crypto-native fund and merchant bank headquartered in Beijing, announces the launch of its immersive website, showcasing a futuristic film-noir concept: the Cyberpunk Crypto City. The website’s cutting-edge interactive cityscape represents RockTree's vision where Web3 has become pervasive, fusing technology, finance, and culture.

The site, set in the future near the 11th halving of bitcoin, builds on the ideas of the cypherpunk movement, through advocating for the widespread use of decentralization and privacy-enhancing technologies as a route to self sovereignty and freedom for human beings everywhere.  As an early-stage investor and bespoke accelerator in Asia for its portfolio companies, RockTree Capital has been instrumental in geometrically accelerating its investee projects’ go-to-market cycle.

Through its ultra-localized strategies and grassroots community building initiatives, RockTree has empowered emerging founders and projects to thrive in both East and West markets. Leveraging deep regional relationships with leading crypto institutions, capital collaborators, and Web3 partners, RockTree invests in and accelerates the trajectory of projects from Infrastructure, DeFi, Cross-chain, and the Bitcoin Ecosystem.

Founded by visionary investor Omer Ozden and headquartered in Beijing, China, RockTree Capital operates at the nexus of the East & West with a crypto native team that bridges the human, cultural, capital and media gap across these markets. RockTree embodies a truly grassroots approach that unites Eastern and Western crypto markets and benefits its portfolio investments, which include amongst others; dYdX, The Graph, Chainlink, Fantom, Pocket, Maple, Covalent, Axelar, Eclipse, and BEVM.

"RockTree focuses on the human aspects of Web3. In addition to unifying the collaboration of top people in Eastern and Western crypto markets, our core strength is identifying the human hallmarks of success for Founders and Team," says Omer Ozden, Founder and Chairman of RockTree Capital.

"We utilize advanced behavioral neuroscience methods to determine Founders’ emotional intelligence, execution capabilities and integrity. We prioritize not only technological innovation, but also the individuals behind that innovation, their psychology and levels of consciousness. And we invite those projects into our trusted international ecosystem and methodology, so they can scale rapidly in foreign markets, instead of trying to figure it out organically through trial and error," said Ozden.

The Cyberpunk Crypto City website represents RockTree's forward-looking vision decades in the future, where Web3 technology and digital assets penetrate all peoples’ daily lives, and decentralized finance becomes a pervasive consumer product, like soft drinks or chewing gum, allowing true democratization of finance. Visitors to the Cyberpunk Crypto City website will immerse themselves in a retro film-noir homage, with captivating visuals of a cybernetic metropolis of replicants, that is bilingual in English and Chinese, and powered by blockchain technology.

Experience the future of finance at RockTree Capital's Cyberpunk Crypto City and join us in shaping the next chapter of Web3 innovation.

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Alisa Loi

About RockTree Capital

RockTree Capital is an early stage crypto-native fund and merchant bank based in Beijing, China. Our portfolio companies experience geometric scale in Asian markets through the RockTree Acceleration Program by combining our ultra-localized go-to-market strategies and grassroots long-term community building. RockTree invests into top-tier crypto projects and helps build Decacorns in the areas of Infrastructure, DeFi, Cross-chain and Bitcoin Ecosystem

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