A Comprehensive Guide to Wallets Within the Rootstock Ecosystem

3 Jul 2024

With more than 140 dApps now integrated into the Rootstock ecosystem and the growing number of users engaging with them, choosing the right wallet becomes crucial for managing assets effectively and securely.

This article discusses various wallets compatible with Rootstock, providing insights into their features and compatibility.

Wallets that support Rootstock, BTC, and RBTC


Beexo supports Rootsock, BTC, and RBTC, offering both desktop/browser and mobile versions., but no Chrome extension. It provides a seamless and user-friendly payment experience, without complications, to send money globally and securely.

Beexo wallet is the first wallet to integrate RIF Relay (formerly RIF Enveloping), a secure sponsored transaction system that allows users to pay transaction fees using ERC-20 tokens. This system enables end users to transact entirely using one asset, eliminating the need to manage a separate asset for gas, similar to traditional finance.

Bridge MTPelerin

Bridge MTPelerin supports Rootstock, BTC, RBTC, with testnet compatibility for BTC. It offers both desktop/browser and mobile versions, providing flexibility and comprehensive support for users. Depending on the amount of funds there may be a fee for the use of the service.


Defiant is a non-custodial mobile-first wallet supporting Rootstock, BTC, and RBTC. Although it does not offer a Chrome extension or desktop/browser version, its mobile app is well-regarded for its user-friendly interface and robust security features.

The Defiant wallet allows users to store, swap, and send crypto and stablecoins from the Bitcoin, Rootstock and Ethereum ecosystems


Edge supports Rootstock, BTC, and RBTC, along with testnet support for BTC and ETH. It offers desktop/browser and mobile versions, providing flexibility for users.

Neither Edge nor any 3rd party can access your money or data. You get the financial privacy and autonomy that blockchain was designed for right at your fingertips.


Enkrypt is a multichain, non-custodial, and open-source web3 browser wallet that supports Rootstock, BTC, and RBTC. It is primarily a Chrome extension, and does not offer desktop or mobile versions.

Enkrypt allows you to add your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets with full access to all Enkrypt’s features. The wallet does not charge fees for sending or receiving crypto assets. However, users will have to pay fees for the gas, which is charged by the networks.


Exodus is a multi-asset wallet that supports BTC on Bitcoin & RBTC on Rootstock. It is available as a browser extension, mobile app, and/or desktop app. The wallet is designed to provide a balance of ease of use and security for both beginners and experienced users in the cryptocurrency space.

Math Wallet

Math Wallet supports Rootstock, BTC, and RBTC, available across Chrome, desktop, and mobile platforms. Its supported networks include Rootstock, ETH, Polkadot, Near, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and many more.

Its broad compatibility and multichain support make it an excellent choice for users managing multiple assets.


Portis provides a seamless experience for BTC, Rootstock, and RBTC users. It is available as a Chrome extension and desktop/browser application, ensuring easy access for users. Its multi-asset support makes it a strong contender for those deeply integrated into the Rootstock ecosystem.


SafePal supports Rootstock, BTC, and RBTC, with availability as a Chrome extension and mobile app. Its focus on security and ease of use makes it a reliable choice for users seeking robust protection for their assets.


Wallby supports Rootstock, BTC, and RBTC, available as a mobile app. While it lacks a Chrome extension and desktop/browser versions, its mobile focus ensures ease of use for on-the-go asset management.

Wallets that support Rootstock and RBTC, but not BTC


Block supports Rootstock and RBTC, available as a Chrome extension. While it lacks desktop/browser and mobile versions, its simplicity and specific focus on Rootstock make it an easy choice for users.


Frontier supports Rootstock and RBTC and is available across Chrome, desktop, and mobile platforms. Its broad compatibility and multi-platform availability make it an appealing choice for users looking for flexibility and ease of access.


Taho supports Rootstock and RBTC, and is available as a Chrome extension. While it lacks Bitcoin support and desktop/mobile versions, it serves as a niche option for Rootstock-focused users. This wallet has an integration with Ledger, and allows swaps with no hidden fees.

Other wallets in the Rootstock ecosystem


Bitget supports BTC, RBTC, and RIF, and is available as a Chrome extension and mobile app. Its support for Bitcoin and Rootstock makes it a useful tool for users engaged in both ecosystems.


MyCrypto, similar to MEW, focuses on RBTC support. It offers a Chrome extension and a desktop/browser version, catering to users who prefer managing their assets on a computer, but no mobile version.

The desktop version provides additional methods for accessing a wallet, such as using a mnemonic phrase or a private key. And another fact about MyCrypto wallet is that it supports domain registration on the RIF Naming Service (RNS).


Metamask is one of the most popular multi-chain wallet supporting RBTC, with compatibility for testnets including Ethereum and Rootstock, allowing users to get test RBTC and RIF.

It is available as a Chrome extension, desktop application, and mobile app.

You can either use the metamask-landing.rifos.org tool to download/install Metamask, and add Rootstock custom network or follow the steps listed in metamask.io.

MEW (MyEtherWallet)

MEW is well-known in the Ethereum community and also supports RBTC. This wallet is accessible via Chrome and offers an Android app. While it lacks Bitcoin support and desktop/browser versions, it is a reliable choice for RBTC users.

What’s next

Choosing the right wallet within the Rootstock ecosystem depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize multi-asset support, mobile access, or security features, there is a wallet tailored to your requirements.

As the ecosystem continues to grow, staying informed about the latest wallet options will ensure you can manage your assets effectively and securely.

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